Internal Corporate Communications

In 2011 Gazprom Neft paid a great deal of attention to developing systems of internal corporate communications, with the aim of supporting continuous dialogue between management and employees, improving the quality of the working environment, and perfecting management processes within the company. Such exchange of information within the company should enable more effective discussion of subjects that are important to both parties.

The strategy for internal corporation communications includes active development of modern communications tools, allowing the provision of regular information exchange within the company: systems of corporate mass media, feedback tools, meetings between employees and Gazprom Neft management, as well as organizing joint events  corporate celebrations, sporting events, creative competitions, and other kinds of events. Twenty-two company enterprises have had intranet websites installed, which is an effective tool to reach employees, as well as a means of receiving feedback.

The system of link exchange and banner exchange has allowed us to integrate all sites into a single information space with a total reach of more than 25,000 employees.

Informative content for the internal corporate communications channels is put together bearing in mind the companys strategic priorities, the audiences informational needs, and the content of corporate culture development programs. Studying the most topical issues at company enterprises is done with the aid of annual research on the social-psychological atmosphere within the teams. These results form the basis for developing a plan of events for the year. Together with feedback systems, which include a range of tools to gather questions and comments from employees, the research allows us to create a balanced program of information for our internal audience. In 2011, we conducted an audit on the current state of our corporate culture, determining the whole model and formulating the Groups corporate values. This became the platform for creating the information content for our corporate media.

An important element in the internal corporate communications systems is the open dialogue between company leaders and employees. With this in mind, the websites all have functioning sections Ask the Management.

The opportunity to ask questions is also offered during special meetings at which company leaders meet personally with the divisions. The central event is the Corporate Forum, held in 2011 for the second time, but on the basis of its success already a firm company tradition. The forum is a new format of tie-free meetings one of the best international practices in corporate management. For the forum, 350 delegates from all of the companys affiliates and subsidiaries came together to discuss the hot topics directly with management. Answers to all the questions  and at the time of the second forum there were more than 400  are published on the companys intranet websites, and will serve as source material for publication in the Neftegaz section. Another effective mean of disseminating the forum results is briefings at the various companies, in the course of which the companys position will be communicated to each and every employee.