Training & Development

The Company continued throughout 2011 to build its system of personnel training and development based on a corporate model of competencies, and aligned with business objectives. Five modular corporate training programs were designed and launched during the year (a total of 25 have been implemented to date) and the corporate training matrix was expanded.

  • Development of Fields with Complex Geological Structure (jointly with Shell Corporate University)  25 persons trained;
  • Supervision in Drilling (the Schlumberger Training Center)  26 persons trained;
  • FivePlus (developing the competence of high-potential employees to fill top executive positions at Group subsidiaries jointly with ECOPSI Consulting on the basis of Skolkovo Moscow School of Management)  17 persons trained;
  • Gazprom Neft Project Academy program (Skolkovo Moscow School of Management)  40 persons trained;
  • Project Management in Petroleum Refining (jointly with the French Institute of Petroleum)  40 persons trained.

During 2011, the Company continued development of its system of technical competence monitoring, which helps to plan technical training based on the results of employee testing. During the year, more than 200 profiles were prepared in the oil refining segment, and the system now has a total of 500 profiles. Increasing use is made of distance learning techniques for employees.

Growth in the share of employees who underwent training in the reporting year, as well as the ultimate share, provides an indication of training and development success. The growth at Gazprom Neft amounted to 0.1% in 2011, and the share was 0.85% in 2011. These figures are higher than the sector average.

New cooperation and partnership links have been forged with training providers in St. Petersburg following relocation of the Companys head office to the city. Interaction with higher education in St. Petersburg is also growing: a Uniform Research and Scientific Center of Innovative Technologies of Oil Production was opened at St. Petersburgs Mining University jointly with the Gazpromneft Science and Technology Centre, and agreement was reached with St. Petersburg State University on running Company internships for University students.