1. Innovation

Technology innovation inpriority business areas isaprerequisite for the Companys successful long-term growth. Gazprom Nefts strategic goal istoproduce 100mn TOE annually by2020. This will require year-on-year growth ofhydrocarbon output amajor challenge, which will make great demands onthe energy and abilities ofthe Companys science and innovation specialists. They need toincrease the efficiency ofoil production from depleted resources atageing fields; develop new regions inYamal...

2. Debentures
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Planned Changes to theCredit Portfolioin 2012, USD mn Source: Company data download xls Long-term loans and credits toGazprom Neft rose toUSD 6,450bn during 2011, representing anincrease of1.5% from USD 6,357bn atthe end of2010. The current part ofthe long-term debt asofDecember31, 2011 was USD 1,030bn. Meanwhile, the Companys short-term debt dropped by24% in2011 toUSD 247mn from USD 325mn in2010. New borrowing in 2011 was in the form of club loans and ruble bonds. The currently...