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1. Innovation

... and complex wells by 1.5-2 times, with the same level ofpower cost savings. When the Companys standard manual entitled Operations with Submersible Centrifugal Pump Units was written in2011, STC specialists also worked out rules for selecting PBA mode. Plans for 2012 include further activities toresearch and implement the PBA mode within the Company. The forecast effect offull-scale adoption ofthe technology inlow-yield complex wells and invariable flow stock isRUB 148mn in 2014-2016. INNOVATION...

2. Debentures
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... credit, JSC Sberbank of Russia RUB13,500,000,000 December 2, 2011 November 2012 8.25% Key loans and credits in 2011 and after the reporting date Creditor Loan principal Contract date Maturity Interest rate (incl. dollar swap) Ruble bonds, series 08-09 RUB 20,000,000,000 February 8, 2011 February 2016 8.5% Ruble bonds, series 10 RUB 10,000,000,000 February 8, 2011 January 2018 8.9% Ruble bonds, series 04 RUB 10,000,000,000 August5,2011 April 2018 8.2% Bank club loan USD 870,000,000 April 29, 2011...