1. Calendar of Events 2011
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... December Gazprom Neft-Aero begins operations in Ulyanovsk. The Companys Board of Directors extends with Alexander Dyukov for five years. NIS and RAG sign an agreement on join... ... Gazprom Neft and Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District sign an agreement on social and economic cooperation in 2012. February Gazprom Neft opens the United Research & Development Cente...

2. Innovation

... hydrocarbons, including bitumen, bituminous sands, bituminous shale and high-viscosity crude oil. The Companys innovative development strategy upto2020 includes arange ofprograms tomake exploration more efficient, using the latest advances ingeolog... ... minimal environmental impact. Asreserves production will increase over time, the Company will need tocreate and apply technologies toraise recovery levels ofcrude fro...

3. Environmental Safety
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... corrective action. Such efforts require mobilization ofconsiderable funds, which are invested todevelop and adopt innovative technologies, upgrade production equipment, prepare projec... ... installation ofjetty facilities for cargo handling, aswell asconstruction, repair, and servicing oflocal purification plants, and other measures. Business units inthe exploratio...