1. Operating results

... Reclassifying changes of production in progress from operating costs to cost of goods sold 8 9 16 77.8% 12.5% Adjusted operating costs 1,347 1,464 1.631 11.4% 8.7% USD per BOE 5.68 5.90 5.85 (0.9)% 3.9% Sales, general &administrativecosts Sales, general and administrative costs include general business costs, labour remuneration (except labour remuneration atour production subsidiaries and our own refineries), social payments, bank services, insurance, legal fees, consulting and auditor fees, charity, costs...

2. Social Benefits
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The Companys business units provide various social benefits and payments to employees beyond what they are entitled to under Russian law. Social benefits at most business units include voluntary medical insurance, insurance against accidental injury, food payments, financial assistance in case of urgent need, and other items. In 2011, the Company adopted a uniform system of social benefits that harmonized the list of benefits and related procedures...