1. Investment Activities

... collegiate decisionmaking and delegate investment decision-making down through a hierarchy of responsibility; To minimize the risks associated with project implementation; To adopt a differentiated approach to decision-making concerning projects and... ... implementation. The investment activities ofGazprom Neft aim tomaximize the Companys value, raise its efficiency, and achieve the Companys strategic goals. Capital investments, mn USD Source: Company data download xls Conformity ofinvestment plans with the approved...

2. Key Risk Factors

... Implementing a risk-oriented approach in all aspects of production and management; Undertaking systematic analysis of identified risks; Building a system to control risks and monitor the efficiency of risk-management activities; Making all employees aware... ... service provides; Purchase of high-tech equipment; Purchase of existing retail chains and of land to build new retail outlets; Expanding sales markets and sales volumes. Management implements aportfolio ofstrategic projects for development ofGazprom...

3. Environmental Safety
Path: Social Responsibility / ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY

... ofenvironmental measures throughout the Companys production chain. The aim ofthe Companys environmental activities istomaintain environmentrelated risks atasocially acceptable level. Environmental risks generated bynegative impact ofCompany production facilities... ... other measures. Business units inthe exploration and production segment took steps in2011 toimprove safety ofsubmerged crossings and pipelines over waterways. Since 2009, the Company has been implementing astrategic program toreclaim oil-contaminated...