Share market & capitalization

Issued securities of Gazprom Neft, key facts

Common shares with state registration ID 1-01-00146-, issued on 17.06.2003

Par value of each share: RUB 0.0016

Number of shares issued: 4,741,299,639

Total issue value: RUB 7,586,079.4224

Stock search ID: SIBN.

Trading in Company shares

Gazprom Neft shares are traded inRussia onthe MICEX and RTS, which are the main trading floors ofthe JSCMICEX-RTS unified stock exchange. AsofDecember31, 2011, Gazprom Neft shares amounted to0.72% and 0.62% ofthe MICEX and RTS indexes, respectively.

Sales ofGazprom Neft shares in2011on all MICEX trading sites amounted toRUB 68bn (USD 2,333mn) compared with RUB 76bn (USD 2,481mn) in2010. American depositary receipts (ADRs) issued onshares ofGazprom Neft represented 0.2% oftotal foreign ADR trading inthe IOB system onthe London Stock Exchange in2011 (value oftrades was USD 1,123mn).

The Company share price rose by15.5% onthe MICEX in2011 and stood atRUB 148.18at the end ofthe year. Gazprom Nefts capitalization asofDecember31, 2011 was USD 23.68bn. The investment community singled out the following key external factors ashaving apositive influence onprices for shares ofGazprom Neft:

  • The Companys record-breaking cashflow performance and improved efficiency in capital investments;
  • New production assets of good quality;
  • Successful operation of mature fields;
  • Technology superiority of the Companys refining capacity;
  • Development of premium sales channels;
  • High standards of information disclosure and management dialog with investors.

The Company sees strong fundamental drivers for growth ofits capitalization in2012. The Company believes ithas the best value-added business among Russian oil companies interms ofrefining depth, sales capacity, and new oil production projects inRussia which, with expected taxation changes, will create considerable value for the Gazprom Neft. Based ongenerally accepted market indicators, Gazprom Neft remained undervalued bythe market in2011 compared with international oil companies and with Russian-based peers. These factors together ensure considerable competitive advantages for the Company, offering substantial potential for value growth inthe long term.

Prices ofGazprom Neft shares onthe MICEX versus the MICEX Index
&the Urals reference oil brand (cfBrent Crude) in2011

Source: Bloomberg data

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Trading in shares of Gazprom Neft on the MICEX

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Trading in shares of Gazpr om Neft on the MICEX, %

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Prices for Gazpr om Neft ADRs versus the Russia FTSE IOB Index & the Urals reference
oil brand (cf Brent Crude) in 2011

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Volumes of trading in Gazprom Neft ADRs on MICEX, RTS, LSE & OTCQx

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